§1 General Provisions

1. These Terms and conditions set out the rules for using the services provided by Forever Young Kombucha with its Registered office in Warsaw 04-687 ul. LUCERNY 49A, NIP 5272954288. In matters not regulated by these regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply
2. Forever Young Kombucha undertakes to provide services to the customer to the extent and under the conditions set out in the terms and Conditions.
3. The customer undertakes to use the website in accordance with applicable law and the principles of social coexistence.
4. The customer using the services of Forever Young Kombucha is obliged to comply with these Terms and Conditions.
5. The customer agrees to the collection, storage and processing of personal data by Forever Young Kombucha in order to provide the service. The detailed conditions for the collection, processing and protection of personal data by Forever Young Kombucha are set out in the "Privacy Policy".
6. All prices given on the website are in Polish zloty (PLN), they are gross prices containing all the necessary ingredients.

§2 definitions

Online Shop – website available at https://www.shh.a bar that allows you to purchase Forever Young Kombucha products electronically.
Service-electronic services provided by Forever Young Kombucha through the website, consisting in the preparation and delivery by Forever Young Kombucha of kombucha drinks.
Client – a natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, whose law grants legal capacity, concluding an agreement with Forever Young Kombucha.
Contract – a distance contract concluded between the customer and Forever Young Kombucha via the online store, the subject of which is the customer's order of the service.
Customer account – a collection of information about the customer (including the address data of the customer and the history of his orders) located in the Forever Young Kombucha IT system.
Order form – a form available in the online store that allows you to place an order.
Registration form – a form available in the store that allows you to create a customer account.
Working day – one day from Monday to Friday, except for days off from work.

§3 registration on the website

1. The customer account in the online store can only be held by the customer who has made the correct registration.
2. Registration is done by properly completing and submitting the Forever Young Kombucha registration form. During registration, the customer provides an e-mail address (e-mail) to contact Forever Young Kombucha, and sets a password that allows access to the customer account.
3. The activation of the customer account occurs after the customer confirms the registration in accordance with the instructions contained in the message sent by Forever Young Kombucha to the e-mail address provided by the customer during registration.
4. The client is authorized to have only one client account.
5. The customer is obliged to use only the customer's own account.
6. The customer is obliged to keep secret and not to disclose to third parties the data enabling access to his / her customer account.
7. The customer is obliged to use in the online store only data relating to his person and in accordance with the actual state of affairs, and in the event of a change in the data, he is obliged to update them in the store.

§4 subject matter of the order

1. The subject of the order (hereinafter referred to as the order) is the services in the flavor variants selected by the customer and in the quantity indicated by the customer, subject to the minimum order quantity – 1 carton (12 bottles) of beverages and the possibility to choose their flavors from those provided by Forever Young Kombucha in the online store
In case of non-compliance of flavors with the provided instructions, the customer should immediately inform the store by sending a message to the e-mail address: At the same time, we inform you that the tastes of drinks, in exceptional circumstances, may differ from those in the instructions.
2. Drinks are delivered in tightly closed glass bottles, which are then packed into bulk packages. Bottles are separated by a cardboard lattice. Bottles are marked on the label with the date of minimum resistance.
The prices of individual drinks, in specific flavor variants, valid on the day of placing the order are presented in the online store.
3. The expiration date of the product is only valid for products stored at refrigerated temperature. Due to the lack of preservatives, any product exposed to temperatures above 7°C can ferment and increase in volume. Forever Young Kombucha is not responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result of storing beverages in a way that does not comply with the recommendations.

§5 placing an order

1. Placing an order for services is done by placing an appropriate order by the customer in one of the following ways:
for individual customers: order through the online store;
2. The order is considered to be placed upon sending to the customer confirmation of its receipt via e-mail, containing: customer data, Order Number, selected type and quantity of services, delivery address and delivery date and other relevant information for the order.
3. In addition to the information required by default when placing an order, the customer is obliged to inform the service provider about any health problems, including food allergies and other diseases or ailments that require the elimination or restriction of the consumption of certain products.
4. Forever Young Kombucha is not responsible for the composition of beverages in relation to food allergies and other diseases and ailments of the customer requiring the elimination or restriction of the consumption of certain products, which the customer did not inform Forever Young Kombucha when placing an order.
5. Acceptance and execution of the order-also taking into account the information referred to in paragraph 3 – does not constitute an acceptance of responsibility by Forever Young Kombucha for possible adverse health of the customer or a negative reaction of the body to a set of ingredients, in particular due to lack of knowledge about other liquids and meals taken by the customer.
6. Forever Young Kombucha reserves the right to suspend or refuse the execution of orders in the following cases:
placing an order in an incorrect way, preventing its implementation;
ineffectiveness of agreeing with the customer on the place and date of delivery of the product;
failure to pay for the purchased service;
gross violation by the customer of the provisions of these regulations.
7. Forever Young Kombucha reserves the right to set a new date for the execution of the order with the customer in the event that the execution of the order in the original date is impossible due to reasons beyond the control of Forever Young Kombucha, and whose removal is not possible.
8. If the customer enters an incorrect delivery address, and the package is sent to him, will not be delivered and will return to the sender, Forever Young Kombucha is not responsible for this.

§6 payment for the order

1. The customer is obliged to make payment for the order before its execution in accordance with the following guidelines:
for individual customers, Forever Young Kombucha allows payments only through the electronic payment system provided by Forever Young Kombucha in the online store, and Forever Young Kombucha considers the day of receipt of payment to be the day on which it received confirmation of the entire payment from the system operator.
The shipping cost of PLN 15 applies to orders made in Poland. For orders with a foreign delivery address, the transport cost is determined individually;
2. Orders paid for on a business day until 8.00 am will be sent on the next business day following the date of posting the payment for the order, provided that the customer does not specify a later shipping date.
3. Orders paid for on the working day after 8.00 and on Saturdays, Sundays, days off from work, will be sent on the first working day following the date of payment of the order.
4. Forever Young Kombucha will make every effort to ensure that orders for which payment is posted after 8 a.m. are shipped as early as possible the next business day, provided that this deadline is not guaranteed.
5. Forever Young kombucha executes only paid orders.

§7 delivery

1. Delivery of the order is carried out within the time specified by the customer, taking into account the maximum delivery time of 3 working days from the date of shipment.
2. Shipping of orders will be carried out from Monday to Thursday, delivery will be carried out from Tuesday to Friday.
3. Orders will be delivered by DHL courier to the address indicated by the customer when placing the order.
4. If the customer fails to collect the order on the delivery day indicated by the customer due to any circumstances not reported before 8:00 am on the day preceding the shipment, the order shall be deemed to have been effectively delivered. In this case, the customer is not entitled to file any claims for non-receipt of the order due to the short shelf life of the drinks. The client can report absence by e-mail
5. After receiving the package by the customer and finding non-compliance, please send information to The description of the non-compliance and the attached photos will be the basis for starting the complaint process.

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